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Plesk is the management software for virtual servers that you've always been looking for. Automate your updates and backups in one dashboard!
from 10.00 €
per month
Graphical interface
For all browsers
Numerous extensions
Centralized management
Instant activation
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Choose your Plesk license

For a successful installation of Plesk, you need two things: a vServer and a Plesk license. If no license is included in your vServer package, you can install one directly in your world4you customer area on your existing vServer.

Web Admin
for small web projects
10.00 € / month
incl. 20% VAT
Open customer area
  • Manageable domains
  • Plesk Mobile Manager
  • Power User View
Web Pro
for medium-sized companies
15.00 € / month
incl. 20% VAT
Open customer area
  • Manageable domains
  • Plesk Mobile Manager
  • Power User View
  • Service Provider View
Web Host
for your online universe
25.00 € / month
incl. 20% VAT
Open customer area
  • Manageable domains
  • Plesk Mobile Manager
  • Power User View
  • Service Provider View
Our fairness promise
30 day money-back guarantee
Upgrades & downgrades possible at any time
Reliable support
Contract details
  • Billing
    bimonthly in advance
  • Notice period
    up to 1 month
    before contract renewal
  • Minimum contract term
    2 months

Using Plesk

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Everything You Should Know About Plesk
The software was developed by the manufacturer Plesk International GmbH for operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and Windows. Plesk stands out with a graphical interface that allows you centralized control over all organizational processes of your web servers. Automate system updates, WordPress updates, and backups.

Through the dashboard, you can implement email settings and database changes in a clear system. With the web hosting configuration tool, you manage security settings, storage space, websites, and databases.
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The Plesk Users
Plesk is ideal for web professionals such as IT admins, developers, and content managers. Through the various user views, the Power User View and the Service Provider View, you can customize Plesk to your needs.

The user interfaces can be switched at any time. The Power User View is well-suited for managing websites, databases, and emails with its simplified interface. For resellers, the focus in the Service Provider View is on system overview.

5 advantages of world4you

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Plesk extensions

Plesk users can improve your workflows with numerous additional features. The many Plesk extensions can be purchased for free or for a fee in the management software's store.

The administration and security solution simplifies the management of websites through features such as automatic updates, staging, and backups.
Simplify the management of Joomla! websites with features such as automated maintenance tasks within the Plesk Control Panel.
Integrate Git functionalities seamlessly into the Plesk Control Panel, enabling easy management and deployment of web applications.
The plugin enhances the search engine optimization (SEO) of websites by providing tools for analysis, management, and optimization.
Plesk Premium Mail
The extension provides businesses with email, calendar, and contact management solutions to facilitate efficient communication and organization.
Plesk Mail Security
The extension enhances email protection by providing advanced features such as anti-spam to secure email communication.
Imunify AV
Imunify AV (Revisium Antivirus) enhances the security of websites by providing an advanced antivirus solution to ensure the integrity of web applications.
Imunify 360
Imunify360 protects websites and servers from various cyber threats by providing advanced threat detection and defense mechanisms.
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