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Our data centers in Austria

The data center is the heart of our company. We take care of the two most important topics in our data centers in Linz and Vienna: Availability and Security!


We exclusively employ modern server hardware that is monitored 24/7 through a monitoring system.

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Power Supply
When it comes to power supply, we leave nothing to chance, as a redundant UPS diesel supply immediately provides the necessary energy in case of a power outage. Thus, we can guarantee the highest availability, meaning our customers can rely on their websites being accessible almost all the time.
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Maintenance Work
In the case of maintenance work or planned upgrades, we inform our customers in advance about potential impacts on availability. The company strives to perform such work outside peak hours to minimize the impact.


We have implemented strict measures and protocols to ensure the security of our customers' data.

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A central aspect of security is the protection of server and network infrastructure. The servers are operated in modern, highly secure data centers equipped with multiple security layers. These include physical security measures such as access controls, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems to prevent unauthorized access.
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Furthermore, technical measures are also taken to secure the servers. This includes regular security updates and patches to address potential vulnerabilities. We also employ firewalls and intrusion detection to monitor network traffic and detect and fend off attacks early.

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