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Green web hosting

At world4you you can not only build a strong online presence, but also save the environment. Our hosting package is powered by renewable energy to minimize your digital footprint!
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Hosting with renewable energy

Green hosting is already a part of world4you because sustainability in the hosting industry begins with the use of renewable energy.

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Grünes Hosting nützen
Green hosting, also known as eco-friendly hosting, is a hosting practice in which web hosting companies strive to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and minimize their environmental impact.

This is typically accomplished in various ways. A common measure is the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power or wind energy, to power the data centers where hosted websites and data are stored. Furthermore, many green hosting providers focus on energy efficiency and employ advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption.

These efforts help to reduce the carbon footprint of the web hosting industry and decrease its environmental impact.
Green Web Foundation logo
Green Web Foundation
The Green Web Foundation (GWF) is an organization specializing in promoting environmental sustainability in the realm of digital technologies and the internet. Its primary focus is on the sustainability of web services and hosting platforms.

GWF advocates for internet services and websites to be powered by renewable energy sources rather than relying on fossil fuels. The Green Web Foundation provides resources and tools that enable businesses and website operators to make their web services more environmentally friendly.

Through its efforts, the Green Web Foundation contributes to minimizing the ecological impact of internet operations and making the digital world more sustainable.

Sustainability at world4you

Hosting with sustainable energy is by no means the only thing done at world4you to promote sustainability!

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Remote Working
The concept of remote work, especially in the form of home offices as standard practice at world4you, can have a significant impact on sustainability.

One of the most apparent connections is that remote work reduces the need for commuting, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions and traffic on the roads. Less commuting also means less energy consumption and resource waste associated with office buildings and their maintenance.

Digitization and the use of technology for communication and collaboration are key factors that enable a reduction in the ecological footprint while still increasing productivity and quality of life.
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Meals at the office
Nevertheless, meetings and regular workdays often occur in the office. Collaborating with SCHRANKERL , a company that provides fresh, local, and sustainable food directly at the workplace, contributes to world4you's sustainability efforts.

The use of regional, organic ingredients without preservatives from trusted partners helps support local agriculture and utilize high-quality, sustainable products.

By recycling food containers and reducing plastic packaging, using SCHRANKERL significantly reduces packaging waste. This is a first step towards promoting a circular economy.

SCHRANKERL's Smart-Fridge technology helps world4you minimize food waste by enabling precise planning of how many products are needed. Excess food is donated at the end of the day.

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