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Your move to world4you

Free transfer from any provider

No matter if you want to transfer your domain, email, web hosting, or WordPress – at world4you the move is easy as pie and completely free of charge!

Transfer your domain to world4you

In just four simple steps, you can switch your domain to one of Austria's leading hosting providers, world4you – all without transfer fees.

Check Domain
Enter your current domain that you want to transfer to world4you in our domain check and click "Available-Transfer" next to the search results.
Choose Domain
Add the selected domain to your shopping cart and follow the instructions to complete the order.
Receive Access Details
After receiving your domain transfer request, we will contact you to provide all access details before the transfer.
Perform Transfer
The domain transfer from your existing provider will be handled free of charge by world4you. Our domain support will assist you throughout the transfer process.

Move your mails to world4you

From Essential to Premium – Our email packages include GDPR-compliant, encrypted mailboxes, doubly secured through our Twin Hosting Technology.

Create a ticket
To create the migration ticket, log in to your world4you account. You can find the "Migration Service" section under "Email & Exchange." The ticket will be sent directly to our support.
Set Up Email
Specify the number of mailboxes to be transferred. After payment, you'll receive a link to our web client at your email address, guiding you through the migration process.

Migrate your web hosting to world4you

With a move to world4you, you embrace flexible Austrian web hosting that grows with your project. Web hosting migration takes just a few steps.

Download Data
Save all data from your webspace on your laptop or an external hard drive. If your previous application required a database, ensure to back that up as well.
Upload Data
Upload the saved data to the new webspace and import the data from the old to the new database.
Check Data
To successfully complete the transfer, verify all background settings. This includes elements such as the PHP version and PHP.ini settings.

Move your WordPress Hosting to world4you

Switch to world4you and enjoy worry-free hosting with lightning-fast load times, top performance, and optimal reliability for a seamless online experience.

Utilize Plugin
Secure the data from the webspace and database using a backup plugin for installation in WordPress. The free version of the Duplicator plugin is sufficient for the transfer.
Download Data
Select the data to be backed up. Once the backup file is created, download it to your PC via FTP.
Upload Data
Connect to your new provider's FTP server and access the start file through the browser once the new domain and webspace are connected. This will export the copy to the webspace and write data to the database.

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