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The most popular domains at a glance:

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European domains

The ideal domains for Europe. Here you can find all classic country codes, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

All country domains

Below is a list of all country domains, from A to Z. Many domain names are available for registration, including some very exotic ones.
Are you only interested in European domains? You can find those here.

The new domain endings 

Business domains

The ideal domain for your company. Benefit from the opportunities offered by the many new business domains and inform customers about your industry with your own tailored domain. Then you will be more easily found via Google.

Shopping & e-commerce domains

The top domain for your sales. With the new shopping and e-commerce domains, you can give your website or online shop the perfect name for your products.

Community & family domains

The optimal domain for groups and educational institutions. For families, schools, non-profit organisations, clubs or interest groups – with the new community domains, you are bound to find the right domain for your desired name.


Food & drink domains

The ideal domain for the gastronomy sector. Select the perfect name from our domain menu and inform your guests about the food and drink offered in your café, bar or restaurant.


Hobbies, sport & leisure domains

The perfect domain for all things sport and leisure. From art to yoga, the new hobby domains offer the perfect names for private or business websites covering sporting or leisure activities.


Lifestyle & opinion domains

The ideal domain for all things fashion, love and life in general. Play it .cool with our excellent lifestyle domains. Here you can find popular domains for modern websites.


Service domains

The best domain for your service. Now your customers can tell by your domain which services you offer. The new service domains are perfect for self-employed persons, companies and organisations, allowing you to select the right name for your industry or profession.

Web & technology domains

The ideal domain for technology and IT. Is your perfect name no longer available as a .com, .online, .web or .mobile domain? Then why not select from the latest technology domains for the areas of support, internet and technology.


City & travel domains

The ideal domain for tourism and local offers. From Abu Dhabi to Zurich: with the new city domains you can instantly show the location of your company. Even our own capital city of Vienna now has its own domain in the form of .wien.



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