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Unlock your personal brand's full potential with a .me domain! Express your unique identity online and stand out in the digital world. Get your .me domain today and start your journey towards digital self-expression!

.me domain
6.00 € / year
from the second year 19.00 €
  • Domain-Transfer: 19.00 €
  • Setup costs: 0.00 €
  • Domain may contain special characters
  • Domain length: 1 to 63 characters
Contract details
  • Term for new registration: 12 months
  • Term for renewal: 12 months
  • Notice period: up to 1 month before contract renewal
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months
The domain will be renewed one month before the contract expires.

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The history of the .me domain
The .me domain is more than just a web address – it's an expression of personal identity in the digital realm. Its history dates back to its introduction in 2007 when Montenegro took over the administration of the top-level domain.

Originally intended as a country domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro, the .me domain quickly evolved into a global symbol of individuality and self-expression. With its brevity and clear meaning, it provides a versatile platform for personal websites, blogs, and social profiles, allowing users to showcase their personality and passions online.
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Success with a .me domain
Success with a .me domain is closely tied to its versatility and strong personal connotation. Both businesses and individuals use it to establish a strong digital presence and stand out from the crowd.

With its clear message, the domain is ideal for personal brands and startups looking to forge a direct connection with their target audience. Creative use of .me addresses enables businesses to build memorable and authentic brand identities that resonate with customers in the long term.
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