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3.33 € / month
from the second year 7.17 € / month
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Grab your .io domain now and establish your company as an innovative and technologically advanced player in the digital realm!

.io domain
3.33 € / month
from the second year 7.17 € / month
  • Domain-Transfer: 7.17 € / month
  • Setup costs: 0 €
  • Domain may contain special characters
  • Domain length: 1 to 63 characters
Contract details
  • Term for new registration: 12 months
  • Term for renewal: 12 months
  • Notice period: up to 1 month before contract renewal
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months
The domain will be renewed one month before the contract expires.

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After you have chosen your dream domain, just enter it into the domain checker to check its availability.
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If your dream domain name with .io extension is still available, don't waste time and grab it!

A .io domain at world4you

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The history of the .io domain
Buying and registering a .io domain has become an important step in the growing popularity of start-ups and tech companies. The allocation and management of .io domains began in the early years of the internet and was handled by various registrars before companies such as world4you dedicated themselves to this area.

Through its association with the tech community and its reputation as a TLD for technology-related websites , the .io domain has become a staple on the internet for both businesses and developers worldwide.
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Success with a .io domain
This domain is particularly suitable for websites with a technology-related or start-up connection, as it quickly recognises that they are innovative projects. The .io domain is registered and administered by world4you or other registrars that offer this service.

For many years, world4you has been a respected registrar for .io domains and one of the first providers in this field. Other popular domain extensions for companies are .com or .tech.

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