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Security as the Highest Priority

Domain Security

Success often relies on a secure website! Attackers could potentially use sensitive content for illegal purposes. However, we help you minimize the risk of such attacks.
Transfer Lock
SSL Certificate

First-Step Security Measures

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Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Two-factor authentication, abbreviated as 2FA, helps protect your login and data from unauthorized access. Your standard login process is enhanced with a second identification factor, namely a time-dependent numerical code. You can generate this code using the world4you app.
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Transfer Lock
A transfer lock is a protective mechanism that prevents your domain from being stolen or deleted. It is sometimes referred to as Registrar Lock, Transfer Lock, or Domain Lock.

At world4you, this lock is automatically activated. Nearly every domain can be protected with a transfer lock, except for country domains such as .at, .de, .ch, or .eu. If you wish to transfer your domain to another provider, you must first remove the transfer lock.

Security with SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption protocol that ensures secure data transmission over the internet. We offer a variety of SSL certificates:

SSL Let's Encrypt Certificate
This certificate is provided 100 % free in combination with world4you products. Let's Encrypt SSL is suitable for private users and associations.
Standard SSL Certificate
The latest encryptions can be found in the Standard SSL certificate. The Standard SSL is well-suited as a corporate certificate and is individually requested for your domain by the certification authority.
Premium SSL Certificate
The Premium SSL certificate is additionally provided with its own IP address. This is required, for example, for shop applications when offering credit card payments.
Wildcard SSL
In addition to SSL certificates, any subdomains (e.g., can be encrypted with the Wildcard certificate.

Additional Security Services

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WHOIS Privacy Protection
WHOIS entries are data of individual domain holders. When you register a domain at world4you, you are automatically listed as the owner and administrative contact (Admin-C). With GDPR in the EU, the personal data of individuals is no longer visible.

For organizations: Many domains of private organizations are supported by our privacy protection. Your WHOIS admin data can be hidden and protected from misuse. You can activate privacy protection in your customer account.
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DNSSEC – Security Extensions for DNS
Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are security extensions for the Domain Name System (DNS). If the DNS is attacked by third parties, users of your domain can be redirected to potentially malicious content.

DNSSEC ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data queried in the DNS. This prevents manipulation of this data by third parties.

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