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Want to be recognized globally? Snag a .com domain and become part of the worldwide online community.

.com domain
12.00 € / year
from the second year 24.00 €
  • Domain-Transfer: 0.00 €
  • Setup costs: 0.00 €
  • Domain may contain special characters
  • Domain length: 1 to 63 characters
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  • Term for new registration: 12 months
  • Term for renewal: 12 months
  • Notice period: up to 1 month before contract renewal
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months
The domain will be renewed one month before the contract expires.

How to get your free .com domain

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After you have chosen your dream domain, just enter it into the domain checker to check its availability.
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If your dream domain name with .com extension is still available, don't waste time and grab it!
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Choose a hosting package to market your website – and the reason to celebrate: the packages include your .com domain for free in the first year.

A .com domain at world4you

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A .com domain at world4you
The success story of the .com domain is a fascinating journey through the evolution of the internet. Originally introduced in 1985, .com was initially meant as an abbreviation for "Commercial" and aimed to help as a business domain to establish presence online.

In the following decades, the .com domain grew exponentially and became synonymous with the internet. It evolved into the preferred TLD (Top-Level Domain) for companies, organizations, and individual users worldwide.
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Success story with a .com domain
Today, .com has become a global brand representing reliability, trust, and success. It has established itself as a universal standard and is present in almost every industry and field.

Despite the increasing diversity brought about by the introduction of new TLDs such as .net, .org, and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) in recent years, the .com domain remains the first choice for many companies and organizations around the world.
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