Twin-hosting technology

Georedundant Data Storage in Linz and Vienna

The twin-hosting technology from world4you, where your data is fully stored at two different Austrian locations, is included for free in all hosting products.
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world4you Infrastructure

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Technology from & in Austria
world4you operates servers and storage systems in its own highly available server rooms in Austria. Only modern server hardware is used, which is monitored 24/7 through a monitoring system. Nothing is left to chance even in power supply – a redundant UPS diesel supply immediately provides the necessary power in case of a power outage.
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The twin-hosting technology from world4you
world4you operates multiple data centers to ensure distributed security and availability. Each location is supplied with an independent infrastructure. Our highly available internet backbone delivers data at maximum speed at all times. This ensures a rapid loading process for your website, emails, databases, and cloud content.
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Backup & Availability
The twin-hosting technology not only offers maximum failover protection but also various backup and restore functions! This provides you with at least two older data states at all times. With just a few clicks, you can restore an existing backup. Our snapshot function allows you to create a current copy of your website with just one click. This function facilitates updates and major changes to your data.

The impact of Twin-Hosting on your web project

With Twin-Hosting, you'll experience lightning-fast loading times that will impress your website visitors and improve your SEO ranking.
Failover Protection
The redundancy of two servers ensures unprecedented availability, even during unforeseen outages, and minimizes interruptions.
Intelligent load distribution guarantees consistent resource usage and minimizes performance fluctuations for a reliable website.
Double Protection
Our twin-hosting technology provides additional data security through continuous backup and automatic data replication between servers.
Adjust resources according to your needs to keep up with your website's growth without compromising performance.
Resource Utilization
Twin-hosting technology dynamically distributes intelligent resources to prevent overloads and ensure smooth operation.
Expert Support
Our experienced support team is available to assist you with any questions or challenges related to Twin-Hosting.
world4you is a pioneer in the hosting industry and is driving technological advancement with Twin-Hosting.

We are happy to support you!

Frequently Asked Questions
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