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Imagine you want to strengthen your local presence in Vienna and bring your website even closer to your target audience? With a .wien domain, you can achieve exactly that!

.wien domain
4.20 € / month
  • Domain-Transfer: 4.20 € / month
  • Setup costs: 0 €
  • Domain may contain special characters
  • Domain length: 1 to 63 characters
  • Premium domains (short, memorable and general names) are more expensive in registration optionally also in renewal (e.g. car.tld).
  • The TLD is already in the General-Availability.
Contract details
  • Term for new registration: 12 months
  • Term for renewal: 12 months
  • Notice period: up to 1 month before contract renewal
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months
The domain will be renewed one month before the contract expires.

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After you have chosen your dream domain, just enter it into the domain checker to check its availability.
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If your dream domain name with .wien extension is still available, don't waste time and grab it!

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The history of the .wien domain
The .wien domain was introduced to give the world a specific identity for the Austrian capital, Vienna. This domain was not only seen as a simple internet address but also as a symbol of the city's rich culture, heritage, and diversity.

Since its introduction, the .wien domain has come a long way, from its conception to its global recognition as one of the most unique and significant regional domains on the internet.
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Success with a .wien domain
Businesses, organizations, and individuals using the .wien domain have a direct connection to Vienna and can clearly demonstrate their commitment to the city through a website.

By using the domain, they have the opportunity to strengthen their online presence, reach their local audience, and solidify their image as part of the Viennese community. This domain has not only contributed to enriching Vienna's digital landscape but has also paved the way for other cities and regions wishing to establish similar identities on the internet.

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