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With a .de domain, you gain direct access to the German market, instantly positioning yourself as a trusted and authentic presence in the German internet landscape.

.de domain
.de domain promotion
0.42 € / month
from the second year 0.83 € / month
  • Domain-Transfer: 0.83 € / month
  • Setup costs: 0 €
  • Domain may contain special characters
  • Domain length: 1 to 63 characters
  • Nameserver must be set up in advance and provide an authoritative response.
  • If the OwnerC does not have an address in Germany, then he/she must be able to name the address of an authorized recipient with a street address in Germany at the request of the registry.
Contract details
  • Term for new registration: 12 months
  • Term for renewal: 12 months
  • Notice period: up to 1 month before contract renewal
  • Minimum contract term: 12 months
The domain will be renewed one month before the contract expires.

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The History of the .de domain
The .de domain has a fascinating history closely intertwined with the development of the internet in Germany. Introduced in 1986 as one of the earliest country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs), .de emerged at a time when the internet was in its infancy, and domain allocation was limited.

However, with the rise of the internet in the 1990s, the .de domain gained significance. It became the primary destination for German websites, playing a pivotal role in establishing the internet as a crucial communication and commerce medium in Germany.
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Success with a .de domain
Owning a .de domain offers numerous advantages for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. By using a .de domain as a basis for your mails and your website, you can bolster your local presence in the German market and garner trust from German consumers.

Additionally, it facilitates easier positioning in search results, as search engines often favor regional TLDs. The .de domain serves as a symbol of trustworthiness and quality in the German internet landscape, aiding many businesses in achieving success online.

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