The new .tokyo domain for the best price!

The .tokyo Domain

Visit Japan, visit. TOKYO! With .tokyo, everybody with an economic or personal affiliation to the megacity can register a significant domain extension.


One of Tokyo's major industries is tourism: from the Tokyo Tower to the Imperial Gardens in Chiyoda to Tokyo Disneyland, the historic city is a tourism hotspot for everyone.


With .tokyo, the identity of the cosmopolitan city will be further strengthened and puts companies such as travel agencies, retail chains and event companies under the same roof. At the same time, .tokyo is also the best choice for lovers of Japan who have dedicated themselves to the Japanese capital with their travel, food, lifestyle and fashion blogs.


No matter what your connection to .tokyo is, you will definitely benefit from this charming TLD that gives you a whole new level of visibility in the Japanese online landscape.

Price in EUR per Year incl. VAT

General information for .tokyo Domains

Annual fee:
€ 24.90
Domain owner:
No restriction
New registrations:
World4You registers your .tokyo domain in real-time
Domain transfer:
Provider switch with .tokyo to World4You
Umlaut domain:
Your .tokyo domain can contain special characters
Domain length:
3 to 63 characters

Detailed information

New registration 12 months
Renewal 12 months
Registration time Registration in a matter of minutes
Price information
Annual fee € 24.90
Provider switch € 24.90
Registration time Registration in a matter of minutes
NIC fees No further costs apply
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