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Online Marketing Tool: marketingRadar

With world4you, you receive a helpful online marketing tool for free with all hosting and website builder products. In just three steps, your online marketing will be a success!
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With marketingRadar, you receive valuable tips for your online marketing strategy tailored specifically to your company through just a few settings.
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Gain a comprehensive overview of your website's performance. With specific instructions, you can optimize your content to achieve better results.
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marketingRadar keeps an eye on your competition! You receive a meaningful evaluation of how visible you are compared to your competitors.

Using marketingRadar

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced online marketer, this tool provides everything you need!

Increase your visibility in search engines. With marketingRadar, you can optimize your website for relevant keywords, build backlinks, and monitor functionality.
Content Creation
Create engaging content with our integrated content creator. Whether it's blog posts, graphics, or videos – design content that appeals to your target audience.
Social Media
Manage your social media presence from a central platform. Schedule posts in advance, analyze engagement rates, and track the success of your social media campaigns.
Email Marketing
Utilize our email marketing tool to create appealing newsletters, segment target audiences, and track the success of your email campaigns.
Google Ads
Efficiently manage your Google Ads campaigns. With marketingRadar, you can create ads, select keywords, and analyze the success of your campaigns.
Web Analysis
Better understand your website visitors. Our web analysis feature provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing you to continuously optimize your website.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Target Audience
Understand exactly who your potential customers are. The better you know them, the more precisely you can develop your marketing strategy.
Visual Content
Images and videos are often more effective than plain text. Use visual elements to present your message appealingly.
Collaborate with other companies or influencers to increase your reach.


…your website without online marketing!
If you decide not to engage in online marketing, you could potentially miss out on many opportunities and advantages.

In today's digital era, the internet is a crucial platform for businesses to establish their presence and connect with a broad audience.

Without online marketing, you might struggle to make your brand known and reach potential customers who increasingly search for products and services online.
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…the world without online marketing!
In a world without online marketing, traditional advertising methods would dominate. Posters, flyers, and TV commercials would be the main instruments to make products known.

Companies would need to rely more on word-of-mouth and build personal relationships. The reach would be limited, and targeted audience engagement would be more complicated.

Fortunately, our world is shaped brightly, diversely, and in tune with the times!
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