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Server-side caching with FPM

FPM: FastCGI Process Manager

Up to ten times faster page loading from the first visit: FPM makes it possible! You and your users will benefit from the outstanding performance, which is an inclusive feature in some products:

FPM Crash Course

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What is FPM?
FPM stands for FastCGI Process Manager and is a process manager that enables the execution of PHP scripts on a web server.

In traditional webservers, every time a PHP script is called, a new process is started to execute the script. This can lead to increased resource consumption, especially when many requests need to be processed simultaneously.

FPM enhances the performance and scalability of the server by managing a pool of pre-started PHP processes. Instead of starting a new process for each request, FPM assigns a free PHP process instance from the pool.
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Benefit from FPM!
The FastCGI Process Manager is particularly suitable for websites or applications based on PHP. It's especially useful for high-traffic websites or applications where performance and resource utilization are crucial.

FPM is also suitable for websites or applications that require high flexibility and configurability. It allows fine-tuning of the PHP environment, including the number of concurrent PHP processes, memory consumption, and other important parameters.


These two concepts are indirectly connected, as FPM can reduce the loading time of a website. A fast-loading website is advantageous for both visitors and search engines, and therefore helps with SEO.

A slow website affects your success. 47 % of all users expect a page to load in 2 seconds. 40 % leave your website immediately if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
The speed at which your website loads and responds to user requests has a direct impact on the online experience. Quite simply, better performance means higher user satisfaction.
Speed is a crucial factor for your search engine ranking. The faster your page loads, the better your website will position itself on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

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