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The .ASIA domain is primarily aimed towards individuals and companies from the Asia-Pacific region. This domain extension can be registered by local and international companies, organizations and individuals. The .asia domain is short and easy to remember and represents the common spirit of the entire region. The domain should also show the enormous variety of the Asia-Pacific region. Asia, part of Eurasia, with approximately 44,615,000 square kilometers, is about one third of the total land mass of earth, and is the geographically largest continent. With over four billion people and about 60% of the world population, this continent is also the most populous. Around 900 BC, the Neo-Assyrian Empire and 500 BC, the Achaemenids were among the first documented empires. Asia is the continent with the most varied vegetation, ranging from the permafrost of Siberia up to the jungles of Southeast Asia. In addition to the extreme tundra, desert and the tropical rainforest, all other vegetation zones represented on earth can be found in Asia. Another special feature is the most that is has the most intercontinental countries in the world, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, Egypt, Greece and Turkey.
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Annual fee:
€ 29.00
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No restriction
New registrations:
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3 to 63 characters

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New registration 12 months
Renewal 12 months
Registration time Registration in a matter of minutes
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Annual fee € 29.00
Provider switch € 29.00
Registration time Registration in a matter of minutes
NIC fees No further costs apply
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