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world4you supports founders with up to € 10,000 - 30.01.2024

The initial phase of a company is crucial for its long-term success. With the "Start-up capital" initiative, we want to help here and offer new and innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their ideas and receive financial support.

We would like to offer aspiring founders with innovative ideas, projects and companies the chance to receive up to € 10,000 and a web hosting package with domain. The winners will be selected by a jury of experts and the conditions of participation have been designed to promote the diversity of innovative ideas.

Start-up capital and a strong online presence for participants

Participants have the opportunity to win attractive cash prizes:
1st place € 10,000
2nd place € 3,000
3rd place € 1,000

The winners of our start-up capital are not only rewarded with prize money. In addition to the cash prizes, they also receive free web hosting and a domain to present their projects in an optimal and professional manner. Our aim is not only to provide financial resources, but also to promote a solid online presence for promising projects.

Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation are deliberately designed to encourage the diversity of innovative ideas. Any person with an idea, a project or a company based in Austria can participate. For companies that have already been founded, the earliest founding date is January 1st 2023. In addition, a planned or already existing online presence is required, whereby the website should function as an essential part of the idea. Further information on the conditions of participation are summarized in more detail here.

Expert jury scrutinizes promising projects

Our specialist jury, consisting of experts from world4you, will examine the projects in detail. From economic and technical aspects to marketing and customer care, all facets will be taken into account. The selection will be made after careful evaluation of the submitted video pitches. The pre-selection will take place on 30.04.2024, from which the three winning projects will then be selected.

Participation with just one video and one form

Participation is straightforward:
  1. Film a pitch in which you or your team are creatively presented.
  2. Share the video on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook to generate attention.
  3. Submit the form by April 16th 2024, and describe your project in detail. Add the link to your video pitch and convince the jury that your idea is a game changer.

The start-up capital initiative offers aspiring entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to present their innovative ideas and win not only financial support, but also free web hosting with domain. In this way, we want to provide the winners with the best possible support in designing their professional online presence
We at world4you look forward to honoring the winning projects and actively supporting them on their journey.

Further information on participation can be found at
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