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Caution, phishing emails in circulation! - 15.06.2021

In recent days and weeks, there have been an increasing number of fraud attempts by third parties claiming to be World4You or partners of World4You.

Currently, a fraudulent email is being sent with the subject Ihr Domainname wurde Sperrung, which contains the following text:

Sehr geehrte(r) Kunde, Wir informieren Sie, dass Ihr Domain-Name seit dem 30-05-2021 abgelaufen ist. Dies ist eine Benachrichtigung, dass Ihr Konto gesperrt wird.

Wenn Sie die Domain nicht innerhalb von 24 Stunden ab heute erneuern, werden Ihre Dienste dauerhaft gelöscht.


This email was not sent by World4You – it is a scam attempt! What is phishing?

You have received this email or a similar one that seems strange to you? Please ignore and delete it.

Have you clicked on or fallen for a phishing email? Here we have summarized valuable information on how to deal with phishing.

Phishing usually involves sending an email inviting you to click on a link. You are then taken to a deceptively real-looking web interface. These sites are operated by online criminals in order to obtain personal data or to carry out as many illegal money transfers as possible in the short term.

Please be generally careful and remember to enable two-factor authentication for your World4You account!

We'll be back in a moment!