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More performance for everyone & new, innovative packages - 13.12.2023

The digital world is constantly evolving - and so is our commitment to offering top performance in the web hosting sector. We have transformed our product portfolio and are offering new, innovative packages to help our customers achieve their goals even faster online.

But this is just the beginning. With additional features that go beyond the standard offering, we have not only maximized the performance of all our packages, but also provide our customers with web hosting offers that are perfectly tailored to their requirements.

More power for all customers

We want to offer our customers unrivaled performance and have made a significant improvement: We are increasing the vCores for the CPUs of our web hosting packages.

This performance improvement affects not only the newly introduced packages, but also our existing product portfolio. In this way, we want to ensure that our loyal customers also benefit from this development.

The enhanced performance is not only an investment in the future of our services, but also a clear commitment to the idea that our customers should have access to outstanding performance, regardless of the package they choose.

For website operators, first-class performance not only means fast loading times, but also forms the basis for a smooth user experience and influences the visibility of the website. With the performance boost, there is nothing standing in the way of a successful online platform.

The changes affect all packages purchased at world4you from 20.01.2022. Owners of older products will receive assistance from our support team to easily switch to our new packages.

New benchmarks for our web hosting packages

Our innovations extend across various areas of our portfolio. These include all web hosting, WordPress, email, and website builder products. In addition to increased performance, our new, innovative packages also offer a variety of new features in the standard equipment.

PHP/FPM can now be activated for all packages, which means a considerable increase in performance for dynamic web applications. In addition, SSH is now automatically integrated into all packages to offer our customers enhanced control and security for their hosting.

Our Product Manager Florian played a key role in the development of our portfolio and says: “With our new products, we are offering our customers more performance and a greater range of functions than ever before. Each package offers extensive, inclusive features that can be quickly and easily expanded individually.”

It was also important to us that we offer our customers a simple pricing structure in future and we have also reduced the setup fee for our web hosting packages. This measure underlines our efforts to provide transparent and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Web hosting

  • Webhosting Go: The quick start for your web project.
  • Webhosting Grow: The best package for your growing web project.
  • Webhosting Business: Highest performance for your large web project.


  • WordPress Go: The quick introduction to the world of WordPress.
  • WordPress Go: The ideal package for your growing WordPress project.
  • WordPress Business: Highest performance for your WordPress site.
  • WordPress Shop: The best performance for your online store with WooCommerce.


  • E-Mail Go: Your personal email address.
  • E-Mail Grow: The complete package for your emails.
  • E-Mail Business: Email address for you and your team.

Website builder

  • : Your professional website without any experience.

Even more power with Performance Upgrades

By increasing the vCores in particular, our standard packages are equipped with the power for the majority of our customers' online adventures. Nevertheless, we also know that there are occasions when even more power is required.

This is where our Performance Upgrades come into play - we have been offering this innovative solution as an additional performance boost for all our packages since the start of 2022. This means our customers are perfectly equipped for an increased workload. This means that even more users can access your content at the same time without experiencing a slow website.

With our new product portfolio, we have also come up with a special highlight: The Performance Upgrades are now more affordable. This means: more performance at a reduced price - even for existing customers. In this way, we want to ensure that everyone has the chance to get the maximum performance out of their online presence.

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