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Now free for web hosting customers: marketingRadar - 11.10.2022

rankingCoach Basic becomes marketingRadar!

The online marketing tool marketingRadar provides our customers with a website check including optimization measures, keyword suggestions as well as competitor analyses to , for example, improve their position in search engine results.

Previously, this service cost 24 Euro per year – as part of our improvement and expansion of our product structure, we are including marketingRadar free of charge in our current web hosting packages.

Best of all, our customers don't have to do anything. marketingRadar is already included free of charge in all new web hosting packages. Existing customers of our current web hosting packages will already receive marketingRadar starting with the next billing period.

To all customers currently using rankingCoach Basic, we will cancel the additional contract so that no one has to continue paying for this now free service. As a result, we will phase out the rankingCoach Basic product, which has been subject to a charge up to now.

We'll be back in a moment!