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World4You supports Female Coders Linz with sponsoring - 10.05.2022

The Female Coders initiative offers free, hands-on beginner's courses in programming for women entering the IT industry. We at World4You think this is such a great idea that we are now supporting Female Coders with a sponsorship.

Historically, IT companies have often had a low percentage of women. At World4You, too, this figure was low for a long time: few women interested in or applying for jobs led to an imbalance in the gender distribution in the technically oriented departments. It is also still the case that technical colleges have more male than female freshmen. But the difference is narrowing.

"Especially in internships, we have noticed that far more women are applying. This has naturally ensured that the proportion of our female employees has increased to 30 % –and without us having to do more than give female applicants a normal chance. However, we think that this development can be accelerated even further by encouraging women to enter this beautiful industry through targeted measures," says Content Director and PR Officer Sascha Naderer.

The Female Coders describe themselves like this: "Female Coders StudyGroups is a group for women who want to expand or refresh their programming skills. We meet every two weeks to learn programming together. You have little to no programming skills? No problem. In our StudyGroups you can develop your own project or work on prepared exercises to learn Java, Python, HTML / CSS and JavaScript. Meet other women who are also interested in coding and tech, discuss with like-minded people and most importantly: have fun!"

The initiative is aimed at women who want to enter the IT industry. The idea is not to exclude men. The aim is much more to create an environment in which it is natural for women to program. In this place, women are not a minority, nor are they special – they can concentrate fully on learning something new. So it's about giving women the opportunity to develop so that they have the same opportunities as men. By sponsoring Female Coders, we as a team at World4You want to advance this development.

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