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Benefit from exclusive services plus tried and tested service & support from World4You. Web hosting has never been so simple.


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  • Free domain registration
    Free domain registration
    Together with your Domainserver order, you will receive a free .AT, .COM or .EU domain registration for your first year at World4You.
  • Free SSL certificates (https)
    Free SSL certificate Let's Encrypt
    As Silver Partner of Let's Encrypt, World4You offers a free SSL certificate for all hosting packages. Activate your SSL certificate in your control panel and benefit from improved security for your website and your visitors.
  • Twin-hosting technology
    Twin-hosting technology
    World4You operates and maintains all servers and storage systems in its own server rooms at two locations in Austria – carefully, securely and always available. These are overseen around the clock by a monitoring system. In addition, due to the geo-redundant storage of your data, the risk of data loss sinks to the absolute minimum.
  • Free Easy.Install web software
    Free Easy.Install web software
    From Wordpress and Joomla via WooCommerce to LimeSurvey: Our Easy.Install feature provides you with a large variety of free software installations. With just a few mouse clicks, you can install complete online shops, blogs, forums or CMS systems on your server. No programming knowledge required: Log in, select your software – we do the rest.
  • Personal support
    Personal support
    Due to our decades of experience, we know the web hosting market very well. Therefore, we believe that one of our most important assets is our trained in-house support that guarantees competent advice, short reaction times and the will to do more than just the necessary.
  • Comprehensive cloud package
    Comprehensive cloud package
    Our World4You Cloud provides you with online storage for all your files – documents, images, music or videos – at any time. That way, you always have access to your data – highly available and securely stored.
  • Online hard drive
    Online hard drive
    An online hard drive is also available to you as part of the included World4You cloud.
  • GDPR ready
    World4You operates all its services in compliance with the GDPR.
  • Your own domain name
    Your own domain name
    Your website is accessible under your own domain name (www.YourDesiredDomain.at). Of course, you are the owner of this domain.
  • DNS Manager
    DNS Manager
    Using the DNS Manager in the World4You control panel, you always have the option to change the DNS or name server entries of your domain(s).
  • Online account management
    Online account management
    The World4You control panel is your central online access to your domains, your Domainserver, your mail server and all additional features. It’s also where you find all the information about your account and your current contracts.
  • Domain also accessible without "www"
    Domain also accessible without "www"
    Your website can be reached at www.examplewebsite.at as well as at examplewebsite.at. This is ensured by an automated configuration of your domain.
  • Mailscan Server
    Mailscan Server
    For you to securely receive your emails without running the risk of a virus or malware infection, we provide you with professional virus and spam protection.
  • Subdomains
    Your domain can do so much more! Set up numerous subdomains and point to a subdirectory of your website or an IP address. From shop.examplewebsite.at to forum.examplewebsite.at - your options are endless.
  • 100% ad-free
    100% ad-free
    World4You will never embed advertisements on your site. Of course, you are free to integrate your own commercial content, banners and ads into your website at any time.
  • Security package
    Security package
    The World4You security package is an all-round protection for all customers and includes firewall protection and round-the-clock monitoring of our servers. At the same time, we guarantee maximum reliability through a redundant Internet connection and a UPS power supply. Combined with tight access controls at our fireproof data centres, World4You data is always 100% safe.
  • High-speed internet connection
    High-speed internet connection
    Your website is loaded with utmost speed at any time of day or night. We ensure permanent monitoring of lines and connections. If utilisation exceeds 70%, capacities are extended immediately.
  • Huge software package included
    Huge software package included
    With just a few mouse clicks, you can start the installation of complete software packages from online shops to message boards directly in your control panel. This quick installation of Wordpress, Joomla and many other Easy.Install products is included free of charge in all Domainserver packages (except Basic).
  • Spam protection
    Spam protection
    Stop endless spam and unsolicited commercial emails: World4You offers you spam protection that works. Of course, you can also deactivate it in the control panel whenever you want.
  • Multidomains
    One domain is not enough? To make your brand even stronger, it makes sense to secure yourself more than just one domain ending. Each Domainserver package includes the Multidomain feature. This allows you to use multiple domains with just one hosting package. The included mail server is also active for your other domains.
  • Highspeed Webspace
    highspeed webspace
    If you want to publish your own website on the internet, you need hosting, or webspace. This will allow you to upload your content (websites, images, videos) so it can be permanently retrieved from the internet. As a hosting provider, we provide you with a technical infrastructure in the form of hosting packages. World4You operates this web space highly available, spread over several data centres, 100% in Austria. For offers with unlimited web space, the fair-use conditions apply.
  • Email storage
    Email storage
    Of course, in addition to every hosting package, you will also receive your own, unlimited mail storage, with a fair use guideline of 10 GB mail space.
  • 1000 MB extra webspace every year
    1000 MB extra webspace every year
    As a loyalty bonus, you receive 1000 MB of web space for free each year you stay with us.
  • MySQL Space
    MySQL Space (fair-use)
    Your dynamic website with MySQL. For your databases we offer you unlimited storage under fair-use conditions.
  • Monthly data transfer
    Monthly data transfer
    No matter how many times your website is loaded, there are no additional costs. Due to unlimited data transfer under fair-use conditions, you will never have to worry whenever your website suddenly shows a strong increase in site visitors.
  • Website Builder Light
    Designer Light
    Give it a try: Using the Light version of our website builder, you can create a small, simple website in just a few simple steps. No programming knowledge required.
  • No prescribed products
    No prescribed products
    You decide whether you want to use the website builder to create your website or if you prefer to make use of our countless web hosting features. Of course, you can also use Joomla, Typo3, WordPress and many other systems.
  • Credit points
    Credit points
    With Credit Points, the Light version allows you to use a variety of content elements such as new pages, photo albums, Twitter and Facebook feeds, contact forms, maps, search features, and more. Did you know that there are no credit limits in the full version of the website builder?
  • Drag & Drop Widgets
    Drag & Drop Widgets
    No complicated programming required: Easily drag your widgets and images to your website with a click of the mouse.
  • Design templates
    Design templates
    Private person or business – our website builder offers hundreds of templates for all people and industries. Find the right design template and adapt it to your needs in just a few steps.
  • Own images
    Own images
    Put your photos and pictures in the spotlight: Using the website builder, you can drag & drop your image onto your website. You want to show more? With the simple gallery widget, you embed an elaborate photo gallery within seconds.
  • Mobile editor
    Edit your website, whenever you want: create texts and upload your photos using your smartphone. With the mobile editor, you always have your website under control, even on the go.
  • No programming experience
    No programming experience
    No previous knowledge is necessary for the creation of your website. You can put together your homepage without ever having to program at all.
  • Pages
    Maximum number of pages that you can create with the Designer, depending on the (available) credits included with your package.
  • E-mail addresses
    Create, forward, delete: Set up as many email addresses as you like for your domain. Email forwarding to other POP3 accounts or external email addresses are of course also possible.
  • POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts
    Whether you prefer POP3 or IMAP, you can manage your email addresses at any time from within your favourite email software (such as MS Outlook) or in your World4You control panel.
  • IMAP
    All included mailboxes include full support of IMAP, the Internet Message Access Protocol.
  • Online management of your mail server
    Manage your mail server and email address through the World4You control panel – it happens in real time, it’s always available and, most importantly, secure.
  • Autoresponder for all e-mail addresses
    You are on a holiday, at a conference or just not available? Set up automatic email replies and out-of-office messages for all your email addresses directly in your webmail.
    With SSL-encrypted SMTP you send your emails with the best possible security.
  • SSL POP3
    No nasty surprises: with SSL, you can receive your emails securely and with encryption via POP3.
  • SSL Webmail
    We protect your privacy: Your webmail access not only offers always-available online software for receiving and sending emails, but is also encrypted via SSL.
  • Catch-all function
    The catch-all function forwards all the emails that are being sent to non-existent (or misspelled) email addresses of your domain.
  • SSL encryption
    Good for your website, good for your emails: your SSL encryption ensures a secure exchange and makes you as trustworthy as possible.
  • SMTP authentication
    Entering your username and password will ensure that only authorized people can send emails through your server.
  • Filters per POP3 account
    Organize your inbox the way you need it with the convenient filtering features in World4You webmail.
  • Ajax webmail incl. address book
    No email software necessary: Our modern webmail service provides you with the most important features of your MS Outlook from within your browser.
  • SMTP server (outgoing mail)
    To ensure reliable email delivery, we provide you with your own SMTP server.
  • PHP support
    PHP support
    With PHP, World4You has the most important programming language for web applications. Currently supporting version PHP 7.2.
  • MySQL databases
    MySQL databases
    With the popular database management system MySQL, we offer you a high-performance database system for your dynamic website.
  • Cronjobs
    Using cronjobs, you can run scripts and open URLs automatically. You determine the time and the interval.
  • 24/7 FTP Login
    24/7 FTP Login
    Access your server with an FTP program of your choice and transfer your data whenever you want, as often as you want.
  • CGI / Perl
    CGI / Perl
    Run web scripts on your server with CGI or Perl.
  • Access statistics
    Access statistics
    Keep an eye on your visitors and users of your website with our access statistics feature.
  • Password-protected directories
    Password-protected directories
    This file is only for a specific person? Create usernames and passwords for specific areas of your website in the control panel with ease.
  • Additional FTP accounts
    Additional FTP accounts
    For a better overview and organization: Set up additional FTP accounts and assign access rights for specific areas.
  • User-defined error pages
    User-defined error pages
    Error pages are also part of your website. That’s why you have the option to design your 404 error page however you see fit.
  • WAP support
    WAP support
    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is supported. The MIME settings for mobile applications are implemented on the server side.
  • Web FTP
    Web FTP
    You can update your website at any time without the need for additional software via the built-in browser FTP client in the control panel.
  • Linux shell
    Linux shell
    Secure shell access via web terminal, ideal for developers and webmasters. This access is browser-based and secured with SSL, allowing you to access the shell of your web server from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • SSI Support
    SSI Support
    Server Side Includes (SSI) is a scripting language, which is mainly used for inserting the contents of a file or the dynamic output of a program or script into the site.
  • MySQL databases
    MySQL databases
    Depending on the Domainserver package, there are a number of free MySQL databases included for your dynamic website.
  • MySQL administration interface
    MySQL administration interface
    The handy MySQL administration phpMyAdmin is already pre-installed for you. Creating and deleting databases or tables, listing records or managing users: With phpMyAdmin you can execute functions without having to write SQL statements yourself.
  • MySQL SSD database storage
    MySQL SSD database storage
    Thanks to the latest SSD technology, you benefit from an ultra-fast MySQL database connection. This will make your website faster, your search engine results better and your users more satisfied.
  • Typo3 Content Management
    Typo3 Content Management
    TYPO3 CMS is a free, platform-independent content management system for websites, which is constantly updated and expanded. TYPO3 is designed for multilingualism and is supported by a community of users and developers from all over the world.
  • Contao
    Contao is a sleek, browser-based CMS for medium to larger website projects. Extendable with numerous plugins, Contao shows off its strong side especially in the area of accessibility and web standards.
  • Drupal
    Drupal is a free content management system and framework used to organise websites. Drupal differs from other CMS by focusing on social software and communities.
  • Joomla!
    Joomla is a free content management system and one of the most popular and widely used open-source CMS. The CMS is extensible by numerous modules and plugins and is characterized by a flexible design.
  • phpBB
    phpBB is an open-source software for creating an Internet message board. The sophisticated forum software offers you a comprehensive tool for creating and administering your own discussion portal.
  • WooCommerce
    WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that lets you sell your products online. As one of the most popular WordPress plugins, WooCommerce offers shop owners a wealth of design freedom and seamlessly integrates with your existing Wordpress installation.
  • Zen Cart
    Zen Cart
    Zen Cart offers you a powerful e-commerce solution for your online shop. The application convinces with an unlimited number of products, categories and product specials, PayPal support, gift vouchers and a clean administration interface.
  • VirtueMart Shop
    VirtueMart Shop
    The open source e-commerce solution VirtueMart is especially suitable for integration into Joomla. With this simple shop management you can give discounts and vouchers, calculate the shipping costs and set up prepaid payment modules for PayPal and credit cards.
  • Silverstripe
    The MVC-Framework SilverStripe delivers a CMS extension. The software combines the advantages of simple operation with flexible programming and is equally easy to learn for programmers and editors alike.
  • MODX
    MODX demonstrates its strengths in creating accessible pages using XHTML and CSS-based layouts. A powerful menu system and the AJAX communication and effect libraries are already preinstalled. This allows all types of lists to be integrated into your website.
  • DokuWiki
    Developer teams, workgroups, and smaller companies can use DokuWiki to manage documentation of all kinds. DokuWiki collects data files in text documents using the simple but powerful syntax, without a database.
  • WordPress
    The popular CMS WordPress, based on PHP and mySQL, is the ideal blogging tool. The freely available software complies with all web standards, is easy to install and combines a professional web presence with appealing designs.
  • Guestbook
    With myPHP Guestbook you will receive a simple software for your personal online guestbook. Allow visitors to leave comments and feedback on your website and collect the posts in your own guestbook.
  • Gallery
    With Software Gallery you can create your own image galleries for your website. With many practical features, you as an administrator can quickly and easily organise photo albums that you can show your friends and acquaintances.
  • Koken
    Koken is a content management system created for designers and photographers. Write portfolio updates, share inspirations, and publish pictures, videos, slideshows, and content from Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Twitter!
  • Piwigo
    The Piwigo image gallery software is regarded as a complete solution for individuals, teams and organizations of all kinds. Hundreds of themes, plugins and languages, as well as a wide range of privacy settings make the open source software the top solution for anyone looking for the best possible flexibility.
  • 24/7 monitoring of servers
    24/7 monitoring of servers
    We monitor our servers 24/7. Even the smallest problem with our more than 400 services immediately raises an alarm and notifies the relevant employee to ensure prompt rectification.
  • Data protection
    Data protection
    All your data, whether it’s FTP, email or databases, are backed up regularly to prevent downtime. In case of an error we provide you with the best possible backup systems.
  • Servers located in Austria
    Servers located in Austria
    World4You operates its own data centres exclusively in Austria – carefully, securely and highly available. Thanks to our twin-hosting technology, your data is stored redundantly. That way, your website is always online at World4You!
  • World4You server and technology
    World4You server and technology
    We are not a reseller of another provider: We operate all servers, the entire network, and our technology ourselves. The support is also in-house.
  • FreeType
    Freetype is a program library for displaying vector computer fonts as raster graphics.
  • Sendmail
    Sendmail is required to send emails, newsletters and forms through your website.
  • domxml
    The extension lets you manipulate an XML document using the DOM API.
  • URL rewrite
    URL rewrite
    To improve search engine listing, the URL rewrite (mod_rewrite) function is often used to rewrite the requested URL with rules using the Apache web server's rewrite engines.
  • PHP mail function
    PHP mail function
    The PHP email function is used to send emails via PHP. That way, for example, form data or notifications for guestbook entries can be sent by email to the corresponding recipient address.
  • zLib 1.2.3
    ZLib 1.2.3
    zLib 1.2.3 is a general data compression library under PHP.
  • ImageMagick
    ImageMagick is a software package for creating and editing raster graphics and vector graphics. Because images can be generated dynamically, ImageMagick is also used in web applications.
  • xml
    Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language used to represent hierarchically structured data as text. This can be read by humans, but also via PHP extensions.
  • xsl
    Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is a programming language used to define layouts for XML documents using formatting instructions and style specifications.
  • ctype Functions
    ctype Functions
    ctype functions return the result of explicitly converting an expression to a specified data type, object, structure, class, or interface.
  • GD Library
    GD Library
    GD Library is an open source program library for dynamically creating and editing graphics under PHP. This is needed by some open source applications.
  • ionCube Loader
    ionCube is a technique of compiling the readable source code into a bytecode which is unreadable by PHP files. That way, the runtime is greatly reduced. The ionCube Loader is a proprietary PHP encoder that handles the reading and execution of encoded files.
  • Live support
    Live support
    During office hours, our live chat support is available quickly and efficiently.
  • E-Mail-Support
    We answer 95% of the emails that reach us within office hours in 30 minutes or less – quickly, efficiently and friendly.
  • Telephone support
    Telephone support
    Are you stuck? Our experienced in-house support is available to you within our office hours at any time.
  • Free callback service
    Free callback service
    Did you catch us outside office hours? Let us call you back!
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
    24/7 emergency hotline
    Don’t lose your cool when everything seems to break down: For technical emergencies, our emergency hotline is ready for your enquiries around the clock.
  • Monthly fee
    Monthly fee
    Your fixed price per month including taxes – as long as you have your contract with us.
  • Once per year, annual cancellation
    Once per year, annual cancellation
    Once a year, you will receive an invoice for your Domainserver package that you can settle via payment slip, online transfer or automatic direct debit.
  • One-time setup fee
    Setup costs
    There is a one-time installation fee for your domain server.
  • No fees for provider switch
    No fees for provider switch
    Do you already have a domain name and would like to switch your provider? We can perform the transfer for you free of charge, after which your domain server will operate under your existing domain name.
  • Upgrade and downgrade at any time
    Upgrade and downgrade at any time
    You can always initiate a switch to another Domainserver package (excluding promotional offers).
  • Cloud Storage
    Cloud Storage
    Your secure cloud storage for every Domainserver package. No extra charge, as long as you have your contract with us. Of course, all of your data is also 100% saved in Austria.
  • Online hard drive
    Online hard drive
    Unobtrusive, safe-to-use and impressive: You can also integrate your World4You Cloud as an online hard drive on your PC or laptop for free. That way, you can access your photo collection, work documents, or holiday videos from a virtual disk. No matter which PC or laptop you are working on, the online hard drive integrates seamlessly into your hard drive structure.
  • App access
    App access
    Access your cloud on your smartphone tablet, notebook or PC. Be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone – we supply the necessary apps and programs for every device.
  • Online calendar
    Online calendar
    Integrate your cloud calendar on your smartphone and keep your appointments up-to-date and secure on every device. Your calendar is also available online at any time via SSL login.
  • Online contacts
    Online contacts
    No more lost contact data when switching your smartphone. Your contacts can be saved in the secure World4You cloud. We ensure the safety of your data.
  • File sharing
    File sharing
    You can choose to share data from your cloud with friends, colleagues or business partners. Files are transferred simply and securely via a protected link.
  • Web access
    Web access
    You can access your cloud at any time, even without an end device such as a smartphone or PC. You simply connect to your data, contacts, calendar etc. via a web browser.

Domainserver BASIC

€ 4,90
per Month incl. VAT
  • 100
  • 15
  • 5 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 20
  • 20
  • € 4.90
  • € 9.90
  • 5 GB

Domainserver 2019

€ 6,90
per Month incl. VAT
  • 500
  • 15
  • 50 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Unlimited
  • 20
  • 11
  • 5
  • € 6.90
  • € 9.90
  • 10 GB

Domainserver PRO

€ 14,90
per Month incl. VAT
  • 1000
  • 40
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 20
  • 10
  • Unlimited
  • 200
  • 20
  • 50
  • € 14.90
  • € 9.90
  • 20 GB

High availability – exclusively at World4You!
Web hosting has never been so simple and secure. Every package offers maximum availability. Your data is available across
multiple data centres and is loaded without delay the world over. Included free of charge.


Do you need help?

In our FAQs, we answer the most frequently asked
questions of our customers.

Open FAQs

Service and support from Austria

We are here for you!

World4You offers unrivalled service & support from Austria. We have been active in the market for over 20 years and are the leading hosting provider in Austria. As a top provider in this field, it is our responsibility that the web space or web hosting is designed to be highly available. Thanks to our in-house developed twin hosting technology, data is distributed across multiple World4You data centres. This ensures maximum availability and data security.

Always accessible worldwide

Accessible across the globe

Why do I need a domain server?

To ensure that your website can be accessed the world over, it must be hosted on a server on the internet. The Domainserver products from World4You enable professional operation of your own homepage and domain. No technical expertise is necessary. Thanks to the user-friendly management, you can set up your domain and website with just a few clicks. You can also supplement your website with additional domains at any time. As you will see, it is deceptively simple!


The real cloud from Austria

The real Austrian cloud

In addition to the many functions of your homepage, you also benefit from a comprehensive cloud package in the form of the included World4You cloud. You can use your cloud as an online hard drive for your PC, Mac or smartphone, or as a means of synchronising your calendar and contact data. This ensures that your data is always up-to-date on all devices. 

1 click software package included

Ready to go

Installation with just one click!! Our Easy.Install is included free of charge with all hosting packages supporting PHP/MySQL. With this application, you can install various web applications for your homepage with a single click. In just a few seconds, you will be online with WordPress, Joomla, Typo3 and much more besides. No previous knowledge is required for the installation process. World4You – we make web hosting simple.

Do-It-Yourself Homepage


Foolproof web design

DIY homepage – exclusive to World4You: the Website builder. This allows you to create your own website without programming experience or additional software.  Select from hundreds of templates and designs to bring your own individual website to life. The helpful tools allow you create text, add photos or change the website colour. Simple and professional. An intuitive, user-friendly interface offers a range of tools for enhancing your website whenever you wish. Get online today!


World4You Control Panel


The World4You Control Panel – more than you expect

As Austria's leading hosting provider, we develop and operate a comprehensive control panel for the management of your homepage and domains. In just a few clicks, you can set up new e-mail addresses, users and databases or even install new software. Or you can easily create your own website using the World4You Website builder. Our Control Panel allows you do this and much more besides. The perfect solution for managing your webspace and domains


Invoice, debit, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer

Stress-free hosting

Monthly fixed price, secure payment and a good feeling: After activating your domain server package, your costs will remain the same. No matter how many user visit your website: Everything is included in your hosting package. The listed costs include taxes and all fees of the various domain registries.


With simple and secure payment options such as invoice, direct debit, credit card, PayPal or Sofortüberweisung, you're all set and good to go!

Additional information on hosting

Webspace and web hosting allow you to make your homepage available worldwide on the internet. With your own domain, your website and

mail server are individually accessible. World4You offers only high-availability webspace, meaning that the hosted data is stored at multiple different
server locations.


Every webspace/hosting package is installed immediately after it is ordered. You can use the domain straight away and create your own website.
Thanks to the many new domain extensions, your web hosting can also be accessible via different addresses.


Need help?
We're here for you.

Phone number World4You Support +43 732 93035