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.hu is the country domain of Hungary. In 1000 the Kingdom of Hungary arose, which became the center of Renaissance culture in the 15th century. In the 16th century, the Hungarian kingdom was attacked by the Ottomans and was divided into two parts. One part, the royal Hungary, came under Habsburg rule, Transylvania was assigned to the Ottoman Empire. The Habsburgs retook the Transylvanian part, the tensions between the Hungarian nobleman and the Viennese court itself erupted in the revolution in the mid-19th century. 1867 Hungary became a equal part of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. This continued until the end of World War I and 1918. After the official renunciation the Democratic Republic of the King Charles IV was proclaimed. Karl tried twice to take over the rule again, but failed due to the refusal of the regent. As part of the peace negotiations, the monarchy was officially banned in 1921 and the Habsburgs were deposed. During World War II the binding to the Soviet Union was created which resulted in a constitution in 1949 after a Soviet model. After the national Hungarian uprising in 1956 there were hard reprisals initially but also a lot of concessions, which led to the opening of the Iron Curtain, starting from 1988 in the decisive part of Hungary. 1989 the Republic of Hungary was proclaimed. A model for the new Hungarian constitution was the German Basic Law.
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General information for .hu Domains

Annual fee:
€ 43.90
Domain owner:
The owner must be located in the EU. An administrative contact with a Hungarian address is necessary for the registration of a .hu domain. A local presence service is offered for this domain.
New registrations:
World4You registers your .hu domain in real-time
Domain transfer:
Provider switch with .hu to World4You
Umlaut domain:
Your .hu domain can contain special characters
Domain length:
3 to 63 characters

Detailed information

New registration 12 months
Renewal 12 months
Registration time Registration in a matter of minutes
Price information
Annual fee € 43.90 (from the second year € 23.90)
Provider switch € 43.90
Registration time Registration in a matter of minutes
NIC fees No further costs apply
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