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Manuals & instructions

On this page, you can find comprehensive instructions and manuals for configuring
your e-mail addresses or FTP clients.

E-mail manuals and instructions
MS Hosted Exchange manuals and instructions

Easily set up your Exchange account on your Android device.



To add an Exchange mailbox to your Android device, you must open the e-mail app. After starting this, please select Exchange.

Enter your Exchange account data.



Enter the required data here.

E-Mail address:

The e-mail address you want to set up.


Domain name:

You can optionally assign.


User name:

Your username simply is your Exchange e-mail address.


Enter the password that you created in the Control Panel for this Exchange e-mail address.

Confirm your entry with Next.

Enter your other Exchange account data.



Enter the required data here.

For the server setting please use


The rest of the settings will be applied to your Android device automatically.
However, for security reasons, make sure that your Exchange account is connected to SSL/TSL.

Confirm your entry with Next.

Now you can make sync settings on your Android device.



In the next step you have the possibility to make settings for synchronization.

Confirm your entry with Next.

In the end you can name your Exchange account on Android.



You can then name your Exchange account.

Confirm your entry with Next.

FTP manuals and instructions