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Manuals & instructions

On this page, you can find comprehensive instructions and manuals for configuring
your e-mail addresses or FTP clients.

E-mail manuals and instructions
Step 1


Start by entering your e-mail address and the corresponding password.


Step 2



Select the desired account type. The settings for POP3 and IMAP are provided below. Exchange can only be used in conjunction with a Microsoft Exchange account.

Step 3



Enter as the POP3 server along with the port settings shown here.

Step 4



If you select IMAP as the account type, you must use as the server along with the settings specified here.


Important: IMAP has to be active in the control panel under E-Mail & Exchange > Mail Administration > Mail Settings.

email_4_smtp must be entered as the SMTP server. You must also check the option "Require sign-in" and enter your login data.




Make your desired settings here.




Final step: Please enter the name to be displayed on outgoing e-mails.

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