General questions (orders, payment etc.)
How do I make payment?

World4You provides a range of secure payment options. You can pay by any of the following means:


  • Bank transfer (payment slip)
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (MasterCard, Visa)
  • PayPal
  • Instant bank transfer
  • paysafecard

 Should you have any questions, please contact our team at


Are there any additional costs payable to the registry?

All registry costs are included.

No additional costs are incurred for data transfer, support etc.

How long does it take to set up my services?

The registration of a domain or installation of your server is completed in a matter of minutes, at any time of day.

Upon completion of the setup process, you will provided with all necessary data via e-mail.

Am I automatically transferred in the case of product changes?

You can update your product free of charge using the "Package update" function in the Control Panel at As an existing customer, you can thus benefit from free additional webspace, for example, in the case of product changes.


I already have a domain. How do I use this domain with a Domainserver package?

If you already have a domain name with a different provider, you can use it conjunction with a Domainserver package from World4You.

To do so, enter your current domain name in the domain check and then select the option "Assigned – Transfer".

If you do not wish to switch your provider, World4You can supply you with the necessary DNS data.

Can I use multiple domains with one hosting package or webspace?


Every Domainserver package includes the multi-domain function.

This allows you to use multiple domain with a single hosting package. The included mail server is also active for the other domains.


Changing provider – How do I switch to World4You?

If you already have a domain name with a different provider, you can easily transfer it to World4You.

To do so, enter your current domain name in the  domain check and then select the option "Transfer to World4You". Then complete the order process by selecting the desired package.

Our team will then contact you to complete the transfer.


Do .htaccess files work on the web server?

You can use .htaccess files in conjunction with error pages, directory protection and mod_rewrite.

.htaccess files cannot be used with the Domainserver Basic package.

What does "Transfer to World4You" mean?

Transferring to World4You means that an existing domain is switched from another provider to World4You. As the owner of an existing domain, you can easily change your provider. World4You ensures that the provider switch is completed without interruption to your service.


What is the difference between a domain server, vServer and root server?

A domain server (web hosting, webspace) allows you to create your own homepage and make it available online. The domain server can be easily operated and managed via web administration. This product, in the form of our Domainserver packages, is intended for those who wish to use a homepage, their own mail server (with e-mail addresses within the domain), the World4You Designer and much more besides – all on the basis of their own domain. Once ordered, a domain server is online with maximum availability in a matter of minutes.

vServers and root servers are dedicated Linux server systems, which are made available for your use. They are ideal for resellers or special applications that require root access (SSH etc.). Unlike root servers, vServers offer virtualisation. This means that multiple users share the same high-performance hardware, while customers opting for one of our root server packages benefit from dedicated hardware.


i_icon If you want to quickly and easily create your own homepage or use WordPress, Joomla etc, then Domainserver PRO is the perfect choice for you.

Where can I login to my Control Panel?

The login to the control panel is You received your login data at the registration.


GENERAL – What is webspace/hosting?

Webspace or hosting refers to the provision of services (storage, e-mail servers, databases etc.) on the internet.

World4You offers its hosting/webspace services in the form of the Domainserver packages. 


GENERAL – Why do I need a domain server?

If you wish to publish your own website on the internet, you require a web hosting service – i.e. a Domainserver package. This not only gives you your own homepage, but you also benefit from many additional services such as your own mail server, the DIY Designer, a generous software package and much more besides. With World4You hosting all your needs and requirements are covered by a complete package.


GENERAL – What is the right hosting package for me?

You can see the available packages and services in the web hosting overview.

If you are not sure which package/service to select, our support team will be more than happy to help. In any case, you are free to switch packages at any time, thus allowing you remain flexible and react to your changing needs.


GENERAL – How secure is hosting at World4You?

World4You offers one of the most secure hosting services on the market. Thanks to the included twin-hosting feature, your data is distributed across 2 World4You data centres in Austria. This ensures maximum availability and data security. Even if an entire data centre should fail, your data will remain available at a second location. Only at World4You!


GENERAL - How many multidomains can I create?

Depending on the domainserver you can use a certain number of additional domains with one hosting package.

Here you can find the possible amount of multidomains for each webhosting package:


Domainserver BASIC - up to 13 additional domains:
3 domains on the root directory / 10 domains in a subdirectory


Domainserver 2016 - up to 13 additional domains:

3 domains on the root directory / 10 domains in a subdirectory


Domainserver PRO - up to 40 additional domains:

20 domains on the root directory / 20 domains in a subdirectory


GENERAL – Can I use PHP and mySQL?


PHP and MySQL are included with every package (excl. Domainserver Basic).


WEBSPACE – Can I create cron jobs with my Domainserver?

Yes. You can manage your cron jobs in the Control Panel at any time.


WEBSPACE – Where can I see how much storage I have available?

The storage enquiry can be accessed in the Control Panel.


WEBSPACE – Can I use .htaccess files?
You can use .htaccess files in conjunction with error pages, directory protection and mod_rewrite.
.htaccess files cannot be used with the Domainserver Basic package.
WEBSPACE – How do I copy my files to the server?

You can easily copy your data to the server via FTP.

A free FTP program (FileZilla) can be downloaded here

Alternatively, you can also upload your data at No separate software is required in this case.


WEBSPACE – What should I name the start file?

The file to be loaded when your homepage is accessed must be named either


index.html, index.htm or index.php

PHP – What PHP version is available?
The current version provided by World4You is PHP 5.4 and 5.6 (as of 2017). In the case of new versions, you can switch to your required version at any time under
PHP – Will I be switched to new PHP versions automatically?

World4You updates the PHP versions on a continuous basis. You can decide yourself when you want to use a new PHP version.

You can activate the relevant version


PHP – What domain server packages is PHP compatible with?

PHP and MySQL are available with all Domainserver packages (excl. Domainserver Basic). 


PHP – Can I manage my own PHP settings?

Yes. Extensive configuration options are provided in the webspace settings under


DATABASES – What is a database?

A database is a system for electronic data management. Its main role is to provide efficient, permanent and conflict-free storage for large data volumes as well as to make necessary subsets of data available to users and application programs in different, requirement-based formats.


Databases are required for most websites. High performance of database systems is essential to enable quick loading of website pages.

DATABASES – What database version is available?
The MySQL database servers are currently running under version 5.5.x (as at 13/01/2015)
DATABASES – Can I use phpMyAdmin?

Yes. You can access phpMyAdmin to manage your databases at


DATABASES – Where can I create new databases?
You can create additional databases at any time by visiting
DATABASES – Where can I find my MySQL access data?

When you create a new database at, the login details are automatically sent to you via e-mail.
You can also change the login data at any time in your Control Panel are have it resent.


STATISTICS – What are web statistics?

Web statistics provide you with an overview of the access/visitor numbers for your homepage.

You can see the number of visitors, frequently accessed pages and much more.


STATISTICS – Does World4You offer web statistics?


Web statistics are included. You can view them at under the menu item "Access statistics".

STATISTICS – How frequently are statistics updated?

Your statistics are updated automatically once per day (during the night).


GENERAL – Can anybody register a domain name?
No restrictions apply to our domain names.
However, the .de domains are an exception to this rule. These can only be registered by persons or companies residing or based in Germany.
GENERAL – What is a domain?

A domain is your name (URL) on the internet via which your homepage and e-mail addresses can be reached. Every domain name is unique and accessible across the globe via World4You.


GENERAL – What is Multidomain?

Using Multidomain, you can benefit from having multiple domains pointing to one website. You can also create several independent websites – all while using a single hosting package.


On the one hand, you can purchase additional domains that simply point to your main website. As an example, if your main website is, you can also register Both will go to the same place.


On the other hand, you can purchase domains that point to a subdirectory in your hosting package. This makes sense if you want to use your hosting package to create an additional, entirely separate website. Your visitors won’t be able to tell that both websites share one hosting package.


Depending on your domainserver package, you can register a certain number of extra domains.


For the additional domain, the mail server is also being configured. This means that right after the configuration, all the email names you created for your main domain are also accessible using additional domains. The additional domain works as an alias. This means, that you can send and receive emails from both aswell as if you log in as the user ‘office’.

GENERAL – How much does a domain cost?

The annual costs depend on the domain extension (TLD). 
To find out the costs of your desired domain, please start the domain check. As well as the availability of a given domain, you will also see corresponding price information.


GENERAL – Can I change my DNS servers and WHOIS data myself?


Comprehensive domain administration functions are available to you in the Control Panel at

GENERAL – What is/are WHOIS data or WHOIS entries?

WHOIS entries contain the data stored for a domain name. When you register a domain with World4You, you are automatically entered as the domain owner and Admin-C (administrative contact) in the WHOIS data. You are then reported as the correct and only domain owner in the WHOIS data.


REGISTRATION – Are there any additional costs payable to the registry?


There are no additional costs payable to registries or other companies in the case of our products.

REGISTRATION – Will I be registered as the domain owner and Admin-C?
You will of course be registered as the domain owner and Admin-C.
You are those the sole owner of your domain.
REGISTRATION – Can I register a domain containing umlauts or numbers?
Yes. Many domains support numbers and umlauts. To check whether your desired domain extension supports this feature, please start the domain check.
REGISTRATION – How long does it take for my domain to be registered?

Domains are registered in real-time. This means that you become the owner of the domain within minutes of receiving your registration confirmation. Depending on the TLD, it can take several hours for the domain to become active worldwide. However, many domain extensions can be accessed after just a few minutes.


REGISTRATION – Can I register multiple domains at the same time?

Yes. With the domain check, you can add multiple domains to the shopping cart and thus register them at the same time. There are no restrictions to how many domains an individual can register.


MANAGEMENT – Do I have to renew my domain manually?
World4You takes care of the registration and the renewal, thus ensuring uninterrupted availability of your domain and homepage.
The domain is extended on an annual basis, provided that you do not cancel it. 
MANAGEMENT – How long is my domain paid for?
A domain is always registered for a period of 1 year, after which it is extended.
The renewal date is specified in the domain overview in the Control Panel, which can be accessed at
MANAGEMENT – How do I manage my domains?
As a customer and domain owner, you have access to the Control Panel at
This provides you with comprehensive management and administration functions for your domain(s). All changes are made in real-time.
CHANGES – Changing the owner of a domain

For most domain extensions, you can change the domain owner in the Control Panel at

Click on the WHOIS icon under the menu item "Domain overview". You can then change/adjust the domain owner in the form.
In the case of .at and .eu domains, an additional fax form is available for download. It is required to confirm the change of owner.


CHANGES – Changing the contact data of a domain

You can change the contact/WHOIS data online at any time under
The relevant function can be found under the menu item "Domain overview".


CHANGES – Changing the name server of a domain

You can change the name servers for a domain online and in real-time at 

The button for name server changes can be found under the menu item "Domain overview".


CHANGES – Can I change my domain name?
It is not possible to change an existing, registered domain name.
However, you can let the domain expire and register a new domain.
NAME SERVER – What is a name server?

The DNS or name server manages  the IP addresses assigned to a domain. Whenever you open a website, a request is submitted to the name server responsible for the domain. It supplies your browser with the relevant IP address so that a connection can be established to the corresponding server.


NAME SERVER – Is a World4You name server included?

Yes. The necessary DNS/name servers are included with every domain registration.
The standard name servers are as follows:

The systems are located in the high-availability World4You data centres and are also completely physically separate.


NAME SERVER – Can I use my own name servers?

Yes. You can of course choose to use your own name servers.

You can adjust the name servers for a domain online and in real-time at
The button for name server changes can be found under the menu item "Domain overview".

NAME SERVER – How soon do changes become active?

When you alter the name servers online at, we forward these changes to the registry for processing in real-time.

Depending on the domain extension (TLD), it can take several hours for the name servers to become active.


In the case of .AT domains, changes take effect at the following times:


06:00 – 10:00 – 13:30 – 17:30 – 22:00



TRANSFER – What is a domain transfer?

Transferring a domain means switching from one provider to another. The technical administration of the domain is thus switched to a different provider.
For instance, you can transfer your existing domain to World4You to benefit from our high-availability services.


TRANSFER – How do I transfer my domains to World4You?

To transfer an existing domain to World4You, please enter your existing domain during the domain check. Then complete the order process to provide us with your data. Upon completion of your order, you will immediately have access to the World4You services. The domain transfer process will be started at the same time. You will normally have to confirm this via e-mail. Our domain team will contact you for this purpose. Some domains require an Auth code to be transferred. This code can be obtained from your old provider. Our team will happy to help with any questions you may have concerning the transfer and will support you throughout the entire process.


TRANSFER – How much does a transfer to World4You cost?

The transfer itself is always free and not subject to any additional fees.

In the case of .AT domains, the remaining paid term is also carried over from the old provider.


TRANSFER – Can I host my external domain with World4You?

This is also possible. It is not essential to initiate a domain transfer. If you do not wish to transfer, please enter the following name servers for your existing domain:

E-mail (Settings, POP3/SMTP servers etc.)
GENERAL – Where do I access webmail?

Webmail can be accessed at This provides you with comprehensive email software.


GENERAL – Instructions for Android, iPhone, Outlook etc.
Detailed instructions for setting up your e-mail addresses on various devices are provided in our support section.
GENERAL – How many e-mails can I send?

The safety limits for e-mail dispatch per domain is as follows:


Dispatch via SMTP (e-mail program): 4000 e-mails per day

Dispatch via web server, e.g. via PHP or Perl: 4000 e-mails per day


GENERAL – Is spam protection included?
Free spam/virus protection is included without further charge. This protection can be deactivated anytime in our Control Panel.
GENERAL – What is the maximum size for an e-mail?

You can send e-mails up to a size of 100 MB.


GENERAL – Can I use my mobile/smartphone?


There are no restrictions in this regard. You can use the e-mail services on any end device.


MAILBOXES – Can I create e-mail addresses under my domain?

Yes. This requires you have a domain name or domain server.

This allows you to create e-mail address with your own domain. Example:



MAILBOXES – Where do I set up new e-mail addresses?

You can create new e-mail addresses/mailboxes in the "mail administration" at These are activated in real-time and can be used immediately.


MAILBOXES – Can I receive/send e-mails with encryption (SSL)?
World4You supports SSL-encrypted communication and recommends that you use it.
MAILBOXES – Is IMAP supported?


IMAP or IMAPs (SSL) is part of our service. POP3 or POP3s (SSL) is also supported.

MAILBOXES – What is an e-mail alias?

An e-mail alias is not a separate mailbox, but rather a forwarding address.
An alias address allows you to forward e-mails to a mailbox.

Alias e-mail address is forwarded to
This means that your personal e-mail address can be reached via multiple names. An alias address can also have multiple recipients (distributor).

The alias administration can be found at under the menu item "E-mail".



MAILBOXES – How do I create a "catch-all" e-mail address?
To create a catch-all address, enter an asterisk (*) as the alias. As a result, all e-mails without a mailbox or alias will be accepted.
MAILBOXES – What is an autoresponder?

The autoresponder allows you to create an automatic reply for incoming e-mails.
This is frequently used for holiday periods: "I am on holiday until 16/07 and am therefore unable to answer your e-mail at this time".


MAILBOXES – How do I set up an autoresponder?

You can define an autoresponder (= automatic reply) for each e-mail address in webmail


GENERAL – What are the World4You mail servers?

Please use the following mail servers for your settings:

POP3 (incoming mail server):

IMAP (incoming mail server):

SMTP (outgoing mail server):

Please always activate SMTP authentication!


World4You cloud
Which packages include the World4You Cloud?

The World4You cloud is included free of charge with all Domainserver packages. It can be used at no additional cost.


How much does the cloud cost?

There are no additional charges for the cloud. Use of the included cloud storage is included in every Domainserver package (= web hosting) at no added cost.


Can I use my cloud as a Windows drive?

Yes. The cloud can be used an online drive. The drive can easily be added under Windows or Mac. The apps also allow you to access your data on a smartphone or tablet.


What are the main functions offered by the cloud service?
The included cloud provides you with a range of additional features on top of the functions already offered by your Domainserver package. An overview is provider here.