Builder widgets

Our widgets allow you to add useful functions to your website: You can integrate route planners, image galleries, social media buttons for Facebook etc. with just a few clicks.

Pimp your website with powerful widgets

Multimedia widgets

Fill your website with sound and images, in a variety of ways



w4y-at-designer-widgets-fotogaleriew4y-at-designer-widgets-foto-collageZeigen Sie Ihr Foto in einem Album


Photo Gallery / Photo Grid / Photo album

Organise images

Upload your photos quickly and easily from your computer to your website. You can then move the images to your own photo albums at any time and customise your gallery as you wish.

Put your images on a virtual photo tableAnimated photo albumEmbed your photos in an albumShow your pictures in a slide show


Photo table/photo animation/photo book/slide show

Organise images with Flash
In addition to the simple „photo album“ tool, the slide show, photo table, photo book and photo animation provide four additional means of displaying images on your website.


Insert a YouTube VideoInsert a Vimeo Video


External video

Add videos without Flash

This widget allows you to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your website. Simply copy and paste the corresponding URL and your video is inserted automatically.

Provide your documents for downloading



Make files available for download

With this widget, you can make various files available to your visitors for private use. You can easily enter descriptive texts and titles for the files via the plug-in (without Flash).

Embed external content



Integrate external content in your website
If you would like to add information from an external page to your website, you can insert the corresponding embed code using this widget.

Show off your professional portfolioIntroduce your team


Portfolio / Our Team

Presentation of your works or teams
With our team and portfolio widgets, you get great visual design features for the presentation of your team and achievements.

Widgets for social networks & news

Keep your website visitors up-to-date



Embed your facebook profile



A "like" for your website

Link your website with the social network Facebook. This can be done via a simple "Like" button, or using a two-click button with which users must confirm their "like" before it becomes active.

Connect your Twitter account



Tweets on your website
If you are active on Twitter, you can use this widget to display your latest tweets in a separate feed on your website.



Media Feed

Embed images from Instagram

If you are active on Instagram, you can use this widgets to embed your feed as a photo album or slideshow in your website. You can also choose an automatic feed for specific keywords.




Share buttons for your pages

For many websites, social media marketing is an important part of the marketing mix and a popular way to attract users. As a result, sharing buttons have become standard to spread content on the Internet.

Give your users the possibility to like your site


Facebook like

A "like" for your pages

Link the individual pages of your website with the social network Facebook. This widget also allows visitors to recommend your website on Facebook.

Share your site on Twitter


Twitter share

Tweets on your page
Allow your visitors to recommend individual pages of your website on Twitter. Just one click on the Twitter icon is enough to share the page contents.

Share your site on Xing


Xing share

Business contacts

Easily share your website on Xing in order to inform your business partners and customers about your website. Your eye-catching presence can help to raise your market value.

Share your site on Google+


Google+ share

+1 for your website

This widget allows Google+ users to recommend your website or individual pages on the network. A two-click button is also provided here for additional data protection.

Share your site on LinkedIn


LinkedIn share

Presence on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn widget enables simple sharing of individual pages or your entire website. Boost your profile on LinkedIn and promote your company website.

Quick embedding of a Google calendar


Google calendar

Your appointments online
Add your public Google calendar to your website. A quick and simple means of keeping your visitors up-to-date at all times.

Supply RSS feeds


RSS feed

Integrate news from external pages
With this widget, you can automatically add up-to-date information from blogs and news portals to your website. You can thus provide your website visitors with additional news without them having to leave your site.

Provide podcasts



Integrate news from external pages

Just like with the "RSS feed" widget, you can quickly and easily add news from a podcast feed to your website.

Show news on your website



Keep your visitors up-to-date

With the „News“ widget, visitors to your website will always be well informed. As well as providing up-to-date information, you can also make documents available for download.

Show your events



Announce your events without the need for Flash
This widget allows you to publicise upcoming events on your website. You can enter titles, times and descriptions and even make specific documents (e.g. event programmes) available for download.

Ticker news


News ticker

Bring information to the fore

This widget allows you enter a text, which then runs from right to left across your website as a single compact line. You can thus draw your visitors' attention to important news.

A simple user counter for your website



Count the visitors to your website

Would you like to know how many times your website has been accessed? This widget allows you to count the number of visitors, and you can even start the counter from a value other than zero.

Let your users participate in polls



Research opinions on your website
With this widget, you can question your visitors on a specific topic and view a graphical evaluation of the responses. The widget allows you to specify any questions and answers you want.

Manage your business with act!


act! Cloud*

The business cloud service
With the external cloud provider act!, you can easily connect to your existing act! account. An inserted form on your website automatically transmits entered customer data to your act! account.

Easily insert a blog into your website



Share your life

With this widget, you can add a high-quality blog to your website. It is the perfect tool for sharing your personal stories or business experiences with others.

Widgets for contact & sales

From simple contact forms to table reservation



Get in touch via form


Contact form

Create your own forms without Flash

Give the visitors to your website the opportunity to quickly and easily contact you via e-mail. The widget allows you to select the input fields for your personal contact form.

Show your locationShow your location


Map / Directions

Show your location online
With this widget, you can indicate your location on a map. Visitors can also utilise the map as a route planner.






Promote your products

Millions of customers rely on Amazon, so the e-commerce giant is becoming more and more important for shopkeepers and merchants. With this widget you can present great products in the familiar context of your own website.

Get an offer quickly


Customer enquiry

Contact option for your visitors

This widget allows you to create different forms containing your chosen fields without the need for Flash. This provides visitors to your website with a very simple means of making enquiries.

Request for an appointment


Appointment request

Arrange appointment online
The appointment request widget allows your website visitors to arrange an appointment with you. The enquiry and relevant contact details are then sent to you via email.

Provide a call back via form


Callback request

Get back to your customers

This widget allows your website visitors to request a callback and notify you of their availability. The request are sent to you via email.

Sell your products online



The ideal widget for small online shops

This widget is the perfect solution if you only want to sell 2-3 products on your website. It allows you integrate a simple shopping cart, upload product images and enter descriptions – all without Flash.

Sell your products online with the ecwid shop


Ecwid shop*

Sell up to 10 products
After registering with the external shop provider Ecwid, this widget provides you with a free online shop for up to 10 products, which you can easily integrate in your website.

Show your availability with opening times


Opening times

Publish your availability

The input screen of this widget allows you to enter all the relevant data for your opening times. The tool automatically creates a graphical representation, thus keeping your visitors informed of your office or business hours.

Book a table in a restaurant


Table reservation

Organisation for the gastronomy sector

Are you the owner of a restaurant? Then why not allow your visitors to book a table online. The completed enquiry form is sent to you via e-mail.

Book a table in a restaurant with OpenTable



Table reservations for your restaurant
With the plug-in of the external service provider OpenTable , you can offer website visitors an enquiry form (without Flash) for making table reservations in your restaurant.

Booking system for your website



Online room booking

The calendar allows visitors to your website to see at glance when you still have rooms available in your hotel. As a registered user of BookatOnce, you can use this widget for room bookings.

Users can leave messages on your website



Greetings from your guests – without Flash
Let your visitors write entries in your guestbook. As a moderator you can check new entries by e-mail before publication and if necessary delete them.

Show your ebay auctions



A place for your auctions
The plug-in of the external service provider eBay allows you to integrate all of your auctions in your web page. You can display them in list of grid format.

Embed an ebay auction


eBay product*

Promote your product auctions

With this widget, you can easily feature auctions for your products on your website, thus promoting your sales.


User-friendly widgets

Helpful tools for visitors to your website



Search your site



Practical function for your website

With this widget, you can easily add a search field to your website without the use of Flash. Your visitors can thus find the desired content without having to navigate around the whole site.

Show the structure of your website



The blueprint for your website
Show your visitors the page structure of your website. This widget allows you to select from three different designs.

Separation with lines



Bring your website in order

Create an easily comprehensible website by using this widget to add a graphical separator between paragraphs. This helps to ensure a clear structure for your pages.

Offered languages



Practical function for your website

Show your users at a glance which language(s) you and your employees speak. You then display these in the form of flags.

*These widgets are only available in the World4You Designer package.