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The new .BLOG is a generic top-level domain for blogs.


Blog is an abbreviation for the weblog, which is a portmanteau consisting of web and logbook. The blog itself has been established as a well-known term over the years. With the domain extension .blog, you finally get the heavily targeted and easy to remember domain that sets you apart from your competition!


From hobby photographer to chancellors, people in the different positions use blogs for broadcasting and engaging with their readers. Journalists, politicians and countless private individuals from all areas of interest become bloggers. Even larger companies have already recognized the benefits of a dedicated source of news and use their corporate blogs as a clever communication and marketing tool to get in touch with their stakeholders.


These chronologically reversed diaries can be kept as a separate entity or as part of a website. They contain texts, pictures, videos, serve as an exchange platform of experiences, for self-representation purposes or for as a tool to boost your sales. The comments of committed readers round off blogs as a diverse medium and ensure a lively exchange of interests, exciting discussions and entertaining controversies.


Einen Blog einzurichten ist nicht schwer: You can set up Wordpress and others in no time using Easy.Install, which is included in our domainserver packages. However, people need to be able to find your website. Your .blog address provides you with a short and catchy name that gives you all the requirements to get a top ranking in search engines. In addition to having a good chance of a better ranking on Google, the word “blog” is an internationally well-known and frequently searched term that will give you additional clicks on your blog from all over the world!


Make use the country-independent .blog domain and show the world that you have something worth talking about!

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Annual fee € 33.90
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